Our Specialty Roasts

How do we know Nature loves us? Specialty coffee. Explore the mystery and tranquility of nature through coffee grown organically.

Taste the world of rain forests and villages high in the mountains.

Apple Blossom Farm is freshly roasting specialty coffees from some of the finest coffee regions in the world.

These small farmers care about their environment and their health. They’ve embarked on the difficult path of growing organically. We gratefully support organic coffee farmers by roasting their coffees.

Our freshly roasted coffees are organic Arabica, grown at high altitudes, and picked and processed with care. Only a small percentage of the world's coffee beans fall into the category of "Specialty". And even fewer are using natural care and harvesting methods.

Roast Level and Grind

When ordering you'll see each country is roasted to a specific roast level.

We roast Light Roast, Medium Roast, and Dark Roast. If unfamiliar with roast levels, bear in mind that oftentimes the lightest roast produces the most bountiful flavours.

For a maximal flavour experience, it's ideal to grind the coffee beans just before brewing your coffee.

Free Doorstep Delivery

With a minimum $20 purchase, we're pleased to offer free delivery to the Winnipeg, MB area (otherwise our low delivery rate of only $6!)